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University of New Mexico - Health Sciences Center

Upper Plaza Enhancements 

Albuquerque, NM


The UNM Health Sciences Center Collaborative Shade Structure acts as a focal point for the upper plaza at the heart of the HSC campus. This 3000 square foot structure will provide a place for students, faculty and staff a place for respite on the campus as well as opportunities for studying, collaboration and outdoor teaching. The design is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional ramada structure and includes materials which bring a natural element to the plaza, including gabion rock baskets and aluminum shade panels with patterns that mimic natural leave shade patterns, which will create a very interesting shadow play on the surfaces below that changes over the course of the day and year. The steel structure is supported by 11 steel columns which in turn are anchored to and supported by concrete columns just below the roof deck and 11 steel beams supporting the aluminum shade panels. The largest steels beams are 44 feet long and define the angular pathway that cuts through the plaza and acts as a defining feature to tie the campus elements together.

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