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Albuquerque Public Schools

Bandelier Elementary School

Albuquerque, NM


The addition and renovation of Bandelier Elementary School provided a larger kitchen and cafeteria for the school, as well as a new technology lab and small addition to the media center. Also included in this project was construction of a new loading dock, dumpster enclosure, and replacement of windows throughout the entire building. Facades for the addition were designed to complement the existing building, which was originally constructed in 1939.

The client had originally intended to demolish the entire northwest corner of the school and build an entirely new full-service kitchen, cafeteria and tech lab. After evaluating the budget and the existing conditions, however, we determined that the best way to get all the new spaces and features the school needed was by renovating the existing cafeteria and only constructing an addition for the new kitchen and tech lab. We reconfigured interior spaces for better efficiency and function, and added new finishes and fixtures as well as a platform in the cafeteria. The final result is a clean, updated space that blends the existing school with the new addition.

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