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Bernalillo County

Fire Station 66

Albuquerque, NM

EST. 2024

Bernalillo County Fire Station 66 will be built to serve the burgeoning growth on the west mesa of the Albuquerque metro area. With expanding manufacturing and warehouse facilities as well as future plans for residential development, Bernalillo County needed a station in close proximity to provide timely responses. In addition, the site’s close proximity to I-40 will act as a beacon for travelers who can quickly identify and pull into the station in emergency situations as well as receive fast responses for situations on the freeway itself. The design is the beginning of a new standard for the county for an expanded 11 bunk and 4 bay station to be futureproofed for many years to come. The building massing plays off of the forms and colors of the nearby three sisters volcanoes to instill a place of civic identity at the western gateway to Albuquerque.

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