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University of New Mexico - Main Campus

University House Preservation

Albuquerque, NM


University House is the presidential residence on the University of New Mexico campus. Constructed in 1930, it is on the National Register of Historic places and is a Tier 1 facility (highest importance) in the Historic Preservation Implementation Plan for UNM. Because of its location and its function as a focus of many events, it is a critical facility on campus. The University of New Mexico has retained Vigil & Associates to develop design documents to repair and upgrade the exterior elements of the residence.

Deterioration over many years required the repairs to exterior wood elements and stucco deterioration. A stucco expert found alternate stucco systems to address the deterioration in the existing stucco. Numerous cost estimates were needed for the very specialized work. V&A worked closely in coordination with the UNM Historic Preservation Committee. We met with the Chief Preservation Officer from the State of New Mexico to ensure improvements were approved. Once the scope of work was identified, construction documents identified the appropriate repairs. area.


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