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Bernalillo County

South Valley Multi-Purpose Center

Albuquerque, NM


Originally designed as an adult day care facility the South Valley Multipurpose Center, was later redesign to be and addition to and existing activity center. Transitioning from a stand alone building to an addition resulted in more stokeholds being involved in the project. The resulting design addressed each concern, and provided for a comfortable and efficient space for all users.

The space mainly consist of a multipurpose room and a specialized craft and meal are with a vaulted celling and large windows to let in ample amount of natural light. The facility also included a commercial grade kitchen and a convenient pass thru for staff to be able to serve the residents. The kitchen had direct access to the existing facility to share janitor closet and some of their kitchen equipment, allowing for the newly available square footage to be used for more program specific spaces. The building contained a washer/dryer, storage cabinets for resident belongings, and a large toilet room with a roll in shower. A privacy room was added for individuals who might benefit from being away from larger groups. A secure outdoor patio was designed to allow the clients a safe space for outdoor activities.

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