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Bernalillo County

PB&J SE Heights Children's Facility

Albuquerque, NM


The project for Bernalillo County was the renovation of an old hotel to create bright, friendly spaces for low-income family services and childcare. The PB&J facility is designed for children, birth to age five, including special needs children and their parents. Adult education is offered to families which focuses on hands-on parenting, developmental & behavioral issues. The project was a renovation of an existing building, which had some very challenging conditions. The building had existing structural bearing walls, varying floor levels, low ceiling structures and a disjointed floor plan. Within these existing conditions our firm was able to successfully plan a new layout for their specific program requirements. We were able to renovate the building to meet the complex needs of this therapeutic pre-school and provide a rich and comfortable environment for their programs. The resulting facility was greeted by the staff and families of PB&J with great enthusiasm. At the PB&J’s facility there are two therapeutic classrooms. Each classroom is staffed with at least two-Family Intervention Specialists. There are offices for licensed clinicians, including Counselors and Social Workers, Art, and Play Therapists, as well as Nursing services. Meals are served from an on-site kitchen. The site is secure, with controlled entries and playgrounds.

• Renovation, reconfiguration of a 1950’s facility
• Programs for therapeutic pre-school
• Universal accessibility
• Secure facility
• Coordination with Owner provided haz-mat contractor
• Cheerful, caring environment

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