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Children’s Cancer Fund

Erin's Place

Albuquerque, NM


As one of the only locations where pediatric oncology care is available in New Mexico, Albuquerque can seem distant and expensive for many families seeking treatment for their children. Erin’s Place, designed for the Children’s Cancer Fund, is an award winning design that provides a home-like setting for families whose children are receiving hospice care or treatment in Albuquerque. Peaceful and comfortable, Erin’s Place is made up of three single family townhouses (approximately 1,600 square feet with a master bedroom, second bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, study, laundry, and attached garage) plus a detached Multipurpose communal use building of 784 square feet. An interior courtyard offers a quiet outdoor area to play and enjoy the sunshine. The space combines functional features of a hospital, such as reclining beds, but with a softer feel. Colorful decor and bedding, for instance, create a comfortable atmosphere for residents. A water feature outside was designed with the help of a local artist and child cancer patients, who painted clay tiles that adorn the fountain.

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