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University of New Mexico - Health Sciences Center

Chancellor's Office / Admin Suite Reno

Albuquerque, NM


This project served to renovate the Chancellor’s Office / Administration Suites on the 3rd floor of the HSSB Building on the HSC Campus. The existing spaces carried a sterile, institutional feel which the project transformed to support the HSC principals of maintaining a cohesive group atmosphere. V&A has worked closely with HSC Facilities and Administration to ensure that the renovated space would be thoroughly interconnected to enhance teamwork and maintaining the ease of the workflows, taking advantage of daylighting, breakout spaces and transparency at all available opportunities.

• Maximization of Energy Efficency
• Established Ease of Workflow
• Maximization of Daylighting
• Flexible Design Elements
• Collabrative Breakout Spaces
• Successfully Accommodated Entire Program Scope
• Provided Renovated Spaces That Enhance Teamwork
• Staff was relocated during construction
• Delivered Transition from Institutional Layout to Collab Workspace
• Unforeseen Conditions - Solved Thru Thorough Site Investigation

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